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We're Earth People and we're not really an agency

HBO Game of Thrones

HBO wanted a campaign for the DVD release of a Game Of Thrones season. The campaign site let users record their version of the Night's Watch Oath and mix it with all other users plus actors from the show.

Infiniti Deja View

Infiniti wanted to show their new car. On the website users paired their phone with their screen and was able to control and interact with the video through voice recognition, essentially directing the commercial with voice.

Red Bull Secret Gig

A fully integrated campaign together with SAS and Redbull, where users could sign up for something unknown, which turned out to be a secret gig with the artist Timbuktu. Users unlocked tickets to the gig by collectively solving mysteries on the website.
To tie things up we used the site background, created in WebGL, as a visual on stage during the gig.

Loka Snapchat

Swedish leading mineral water brand Loka released a new product line for their youngest and needed a reason to speak in social media.
We provided them with a web site which integrated with Snapchat and engaged users on a platform they identified with. This was the first campaign made with Snapchat in Europe.

Post Forward

When young people move to a new place, they forget to forward their snail mail. We made a digital campaign for the Swedish post, inside a Chrome extension, which forwards a user's social feeds to banner space to remind them.

Digital studio

We're a select bunch (16 pcs) of creative developers and designers with one feature in common: we love to mess about with new stuff, something that has proven to come in very handy in the creative process. Now more than ever. Our ideas often come to life through technical innovations, fugly hacks and trial and error. Basically we know exactly how to bend the Internet that extra bit.

Some brands work directly with us, but most do it through their ad agency. The process is pretty much the same; our curiosity about technology, trends and social platforms takes us to uncharted or forgotten territories.

The process

Picture the work process as a smooth straight line from start to finish line. Cause that’s exactly the way it is.

As in NEVER. We’ve learned this the hard way and have come to enjoy not knowing what curve ball will be thrown at us next.


The technology

We build frontend using BackboneJS, AngularJS, React, SASS and LESS.

On the servers we run lots of different Open Source software like PHP, Laravel, Nginx, WordPress, NodeJS, Django, Ruby on rails, Python, Fabric and PhantomJS.

To handle load we design for cacheability and host on clouds as DigitalOcean, AWS and Linode. We often use CDN’s from Rackspace, Amazon and Akamai.

We love playing around with evolving webstandards as such as WebAudio, WebSockets, WebMIDI, WebGL and WebRTC. We often integrate to third party API’s using REST, SOAP, XML-RPC et al, and love coming up with unorthodox solutions like packet sniffing and reverse engineering.

Clients and projects

In-browser car games, digital concepts, chrome extensions, interactive campaigns and robots. Plus completely normal websites. That’s some of the things we do for companies, such as HBO, Chevy, Sony, Red Bull and AT&T. Here are a few of their logotypes for your enjoyment.

We often work with (and for) other companies, such as North Kingdom, Dinahmoe, Forsman & Bodenfors, Acne and Stopp.

So yeah

The bottom line is that we enjoy making both normal and paranormal digital productions. We’re actually really good at what we do. And if you don’t hate this website chances are we might just get along famously. So don’t be a stranger.


Peder Fjällström

CEO/partner +46-70-910-5077

Johan Brandström

Producer/partner +46-76-235-4354